Saturday, October 27, 2018

Technology -- UGH

My cell phone has been dying -- a slow painful death.

Last weekend Sir Steve suggested we go look at a new phone for me........ he was frustrated because occasionally my phone wouldn't ring -- but would go right to voice mail...... AND....... it happened mostly when he called.

Sooooooooo I got a new phone.  The reason I hate getting new phones -- or computers -- is because they aren't the old ones...... and will work differently and I will get frustrated trying to sort it out.

This phone was no exception.

It started with the phone not being compatible with my fitbit app.  So I removed the app from my phone and figured I would just work off the website on my laptop.
BUT then when I was out for lunch on Thursday I noticed I had a voice message.  I tried to access my messages and was told I had the wrong password.  OH and I had special ring tones for my contacts and they got lost in the transfer (or so I thought) and I knew I would have to figure out how to d/l new ringtones and get them assigned.

Colour me more than a little frustrated. 

Yesterday I went back to the store for the messaging problem.  They told me they weren't allowed to work on that sort of thing I would have to contact my phone company.  BUT when I told them I was frustrated over my fitbit app...... they suggested I delete the app and reload it.

The first thing I did when I came home was try the fitbit app....... et voila it worked!!  My confidence was increasing...... I could do this !!

I contacted my phone company and found out it was a real easy fix...... instead of all the steps I had to go through I just have to push the #1 on the phone and it will automatically take me to my message box.......... et voila it worked!!  I was on a roll.

Then I goggled how to d/l ringtones and get them to work......... took a bit of time.. and some frustration.......... but suddenly it made sense and I was d/ling files like crazy and moving them into the right folder and then assigning them to the right contact ... et voila it worked!  

So now when Sir Steve calls me I hear the song "I'm a gonna whip somebody's ass".... it always makes me smile..

Life is good when you tackle technology and win !!!


  1. Love the song you assigned to Sir Steve lol. Argh, new technology, setting it up, figuring out how it works etc is always frustrating. Glad you got it all sorted.


  2. I am the techy in our house ... so .i get to do all that fun atuff ... from DVRs to phones to tablets. Frank doesn't even own or want a cellphone ... he used to have a flip when he was working but the smartphone and him do not get along ... but he did have a LOL moment this morning when he read about your ringtone :))) ... nj


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