Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Catch Up

We had a quiet weekend -- I had the sniffles -- we did take a nice drive on Sunday through the fall colours.  I can't believe it's mid October and the colours are just coming into their own!  (usually it's the beginning of the month -- our Thanksgiving)

Yesterday I felt crappy -- still only have the sniffles -- but add body aches and a low grade headache...... yuck !!

Last night I decided to make a special supper -- I made schnitzel...... and we had roasted bacon and potatoes with it.......

my presentation could use some work -- but it was delicious !!

fair amount of work but it was declared a success...... and Sir Steve did the washing up which was wonderful cause I was "done" by the time dinner hit the table......

When the lil one got home from school yesterday she was very excited -- she had lost her first tooth......... 

It made me a little sad -- the lost tooth makes her look older somehow -- no more little girl...........  BUT I had bought her a 'tooth fairy doll' complete with a pocket in her dress for lost teeth and she got to use it last night...... ohhhhhhh the excitement over the tooth fairy coming !!!  was almost as good as Santa Claus!

Today I am under orders to have a quiet day -- sniffle my sniffles and cough my coughs.............


  1. I dread the colds and coughs of Fall but as you know, they are usually unavoidable when you have school age munchkins running around. Rest up and take care of yourself, Morningstar ... nj ... xx

  2. I enjoyed reading your update Morningstar. I can't believe how quickly the year is flyjng! Spring here and I am loving the longer days. Your weekend sounded wonderful and the dinner looked yum! Sorry you have been under the weather though, hope you are feeling better soon.

    Wow, first tooth...one of many milestones :)



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