Thursday, October 04, 2018

Clean up

I am sure I told you all about the leaks/floods in our basement.

Last week the plumbers tore up the basement floor.... replaced all the pipes.... and then this week they spent a day cementing the basement floor again.  

While that was going on I was trying to keep the house clean -- it seemed the dust magically reappeared the minute my back was turned (DUH -- cement dust but it took a day or so before that reality set in)  Add to that the dog is shedding......every minute of every day -- despite our brushing her and bathing her......... 
So it seems all I have been doing for the past few days is cleaning....... and stressing a bit cause this weekend is Thanksgiving here in the Great White North -- and eldest daughter and son in law are coming for dinner.

Today I figured -- seeing as all the dirty work was finished in the basement -- I would sweep up the dog hair and cement dust and then wash all the floors.  In the middle of that I heard water dripping -- and flew down the stairs to check the basement.  The new pipes weren't leaking -- but there was a small leak in the outside corner of the foundation......... I traced the leak to the sump pump and discovered it was full !!  AND because the first plumbers who installed it -- didn't do it right and it didn't meet the codes .... it has been disassembled.  JOY oh JOY !  

Now I am waiting to hear back from the landlord (who I think must be just about ready to jump off a bridge -- and I don't blame him)

Life is good when there's always a challenge -- isn't it??!!

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  1. Hi Morningstar,

    Oh no re the sump pump! I feel for you, and on the clean uo and hope everything is properly resolved soon. I can definitely understand you being stressed, especially with Thanksgiving.

    Happy Thanksgiving! Hope you have a wonderful weekend celebrating.



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