Thursday, January 11, 2018

Too Much?

Kahil Gibran

We talked last evening -- Sir Steve and I.  He reads my blog nearly every day -- knowing that.... I still wrote what was in my heart yesterday.  I couldn't speak the words -- but they had to be said before my head exploded.
This love I have for this man hurts.  I have never experienced such a deep emotion before.

BUT calmer heads /voices prevailed.  Thanks to a much younger woman very dear to my heart who wrote me privately and pointed out logic that had escaped me in the blindness of love.  

Sir Steve needs more time ......... oh he loves me with his whole heart of that I am sure -- but after 2 horrendous break ups -- having his ex wife walk in here a few months ago and walk out with every thing but the kitchen sink -- makes him cautious I think.  

Time will heal his wounds -- and show him my love is so much deeper -- so much more sincere 

And then when the time is right -- when we are both on the same page -- then changes can happen.  

For now I will love him and the lil one with my whole being.  I will bury my needs until that time.......  I will be a 'good submissive' and wait for him to take the lead.......and I will follow gladly and willingly.......for I 'know the pain of too much tenderness - to be wounded by my own understanding of love' 

AND that is ok!


  1. Such a great post. You are right...time and love and patience can heal this, you must simply do your part.

  2. Glad you had such a wise friend to talk will all get there.
    hugs abby

  3. I'm confused. Did he say he needs more time or was that from the person who contacted you?

  4. Lucinda -- neither actually -- that was my assessment. and I believe I made the right choice.......


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