Saturday, January 06, 2018

Thankful for.........

Over on 'A Place to Share' Terpsichore posted a New Year's meme.  I don't normally do memes .... but this one seemed appropriate for this time in my life........ 

1.... What did you accomplish this year that you are most proud of?
I moved.  I ignored all the voices screaming in my head -- I tried not to think what my parents would say about this move...I moved from a high rise in a big city to a quirky lil apartment in a much smaller city on probably what is the wrong side of the tracks..... but I love my quirky lil apartment .... I love the characters I have met ....I feel more at home here then all the other upscale places I have lived ......... and the most interesting result of the move -- no bolt of lightening came out of the sky to strike me dead -- I am still the same person I always was - in fact - if anything -- I am more honestly ME now -- more authentic then all the years I spent living up to expectations that had been drilled into my head from birth.
2.... What was the biggest thing you learned this year?
That I am capable of making decisions for myself - decisions that benefit me - and that I can be happy with my decisions.

3.... What challenges did you face this year - health, home, work?
The only challenge - truthfully - is the stress from this custody issue/issues with the mother over the lil one -- and the nastiness and drama that emanates from that family

4.... What was an unexpected joy this past year?  an unexpected obstacle?
No surprise here -- unexpected joy was Sir Steve contacting me again after 10 years
And the obstacle -- truthfully I can't think of one obstacle to my new life with Sir Steve - well not an obstacle worth worrying about.

5.... Pick 3 words to describe this past year
stressful, exciting, loving
6.... What are you most grateful for this past year?
for waking up every day knowing Sir Steve is in my life -- for the joy that brings me.

Hopes Goals Dreams Intentions for the New Year

7.... Is there any unfinished business from this past year that you hope to accomplish this year?
Honestly can't think of anything that needs to be done ....... 
8....What do you wish you had done more of this past year? Less? Will you try to make changes this year?
I wish I had trusted more ....... trusted myself.... trusted Sir Steve... trusted my instincts
as for less -- I wish I had stressed less ....... wish I had not had as many 'knee jerk' reactions to situations I had no control over.... like the ex family or my ex 'W'.... I let them continue to push my buttons -- tried to continually explain myself..... (shaking head) useless waste of time.
Changes -- that's easy -- trying harder to control my anxiety/stress levels and definitely not letting myself have 'knee jerk' reactions over things I can not change. 
9....What is one new skill you want to learn/practice this year that will bring enjoyment to your life?
I would love to get back to my photography -- again.  Maybe even purchase a decent photo editing program.
10... What is one intention you have this year to improve your health and well-being?
Definitely getting my ass back to the gym -- and back to walking every day....... I have become wayyyyy too lazy!
11... What one thing will you do this year to improve your life -- whether working on your own personal growth, improving your marriage or other significant relationships, or improving your work life?
This one sounds (to me) like a repeat of #10 -- back to the gym - back to walking - back to photography -- all of those things tend to keep me focused and lowers my stress levels and anxiety.  
12... What is your hope for others in the new year?
 I am not sure who "others" are meant to be -- sounds like a Miss America question -- but for those in my life (willingly or not - grinning) I do honestly hope they can find contentment in their life choices......

13... What are three words that express your hopes for the new year?
love, security, health.

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