Friday, January 12, 2018

One thing after another...........

We had a trip to the Emergency room last night.

The lil one has had a miserable cough since the summer..... we would dole out cough syrup and it would clear up -- but it kept coming back.  She was never 'sick' with this cough -- no fever, no runny nose -- healthy full of energy except for the cough.

Over the last 2 weeks the cough has come back.  She has thrown up a couple of times -- but it's only mucus from the cough and once she throws up she improves.

Yesterday was a particularly bad day...... threw up in the morning -- and was still coughing at dinner.  Sir Steve decided it was time to see a doctor.  So we went to Emergency.

I went along -- because truthfully -- it's miserable being alone in the hospital with a sick child -- AND -- staying home wondering what is happening is even worse.

She won over the nursing staff in the triage area....... she got to see the nurse's computer screen tracking her breathing....... she got stickers........ she got moved into the examination room immediately.

She won the doctor over...... she giggled and sang and talked everyone's ear off.  Not exactly the poster child for illness.

We went for chest x-rays. She kept the other patients amused in the waiting room.  I could hear the technician laughing with her in the x-ray room.  She got more stickers.

AND of course -- she barely coughed while we were there.

Within a short 2 hours - the results came back -- her oxygen levels were at 100% -- her chest x-ray was clear.  They prescribed a ventilon pump and sent us home. 

We'll get the final results of the chest x-rays in the next day or two -- but the doctor on staff didn't seem the least bit worried.  She did wonder about allergies though.  When it comes to allergies I am an expert!!! 

She went off to school this morning with her face mask and her hospital bracelet, and can't wait to tell her friends about her hospital adventure.  Then she is off to mom's this afternoon.......... Sir Steve will let mom know by phone today about the pump and the directions for use......... 

And life continues ............ 


  1. How scary. I'm glad everything is okay. I'm happy she is in good hands. Is perhaps there something between the two homes or school that may be causing the allergies such as a pet or smoke? Just a thought.


  2. Hi When my youngest was a little chap he developed a persistent cough and nothing else. it turned out to be Asthma (which he outgrew eventually). maybe it would be worth asking, he was so much better once he had his inhaler. hugs to little one
    love Jan, xx

  3. it sounds like an allergy/ asthmatic cough as Jan mentioned, in which case i'm sure the Ventolin will help keep it to a minimum.

    hoping she is rid of it entirely! nothing more annoying than a persistent cough.


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