Monday, January 29, 2018

Things do Change !

On Friday I wrote a post -- Great Expectations -- and got some indirect feedback.  

"As much as things change they stay the same"....... 

some things do stay the same -- like my mid winter blues...... that make me antsy and fidgety and wishing for the moon.  


things have changed........ greatly.  I didn't fall too far down the winter blues rabbit hole before slapping myself upside the head and getting off my ass ...... I shaved from head to toe -- I oiled my body -- I did my hair -- I put on makeup -- and talked with Sir Steve......... that is just one of the many things that has changed I CAN and DO talk with him when life gets too much for me to handle alone.  AND he listens and hears me!

Sir Steve reminds me over and over -- that he is different from any other relationship partner -- any other Dom -- I have had.  He is so willing to listen to me -- to work together to find a fix.  

Sir Steve is very willing to admit when he's wrong -- or in this case -- when he has gotten lazy -- taking things for granted.  Best of all -- he immediately works towards finding the 'fix'....... no blame -- no scolding that *I* am the sub it is MY fault or MY job.  We are a unit -- we work best when we work together.


Our weekend evolved -- 

Sir Steve had an 'adventure' planned for us.  BUT I was stressing over the business and the record keeping.  I asked if the 'adventure' could be put on hold and if we could spend a couple of hours on Saturday working through the business records organising and filing and calculating.  
Not terribly sexy -- or BDSMy -- but it was what we both needed to ease financial stress.

And once the paper work was done -- when the calculators and computers and all the files were cleared up and put away Sir Steve suggested we treat ourselves to a nice late lunch at a German restaurant in town. 

We came home to snuggle ....... and relax together.  And later in the evening he got up and went to the bedroom -- turned off the bright lights -- turned on the soft lighting -- pulled the covers back on the bed and then stood in the doorway -- looking at me with that intense look he gets -- and slowly undid his belt and slipped it out of the pant loops.

We enjoyed time in bed giggling and touching and soothing and healing..... over and over till neither of us had an ounce of energy left. 

YES -- as much as things change they can stay the same -- but life is very good when we work together to fix the problems  !!

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