Friday, January 05, 2018

A very Special Present

The lil one had a chance to go shopping for Christmas presents all by herself at her school.  3 packages were carefully brought home and hidden away until Christmas.  I was entrusted with the job of making sure two of the presents made it to my youngest daughter's house on Christmas Eve.

Christmas morning when the lil one gave her presents to her Dad and to me she watched intently while we opened them.  Remember those days when your child discovered the joy of giving -- the wanting you to LOVE what they had made/bought for you ??? That was the lil one on Christmas morning.

In my parcel was a coffee mug -- some chocolate and a plastic bobble headed green turtle. I was surprised!  I was thrilled! 

And the day moved on.

When we came home my gifts from the lil one were plunked on the kitchen table -- the cup put in the sink for washing -- the chocolate put into the Christmas candy bowl and the lil plastic bobble headed green turtle was abandoned on the table.

Some time that afternoon the lil one came to me in the living room -- carefully, lovingly cradling the lil plastic bobble headed green turtle in her hands.  She wanted to know where I wanted to put it.  I suggested she put it on the table beside my bed.... thinking I would toss it into a drawer later on .... she gingerly carried it into the bedroom and put it on the table as close to the bed as she could get it.  

When she came out she said "You'll love snuggling with it at bedtime won't you S?" I smiled and agreed -- it would be a great bedtime snuggly  (though I did remind her I had Daddy to snuggle with - grinning)

Here is bobble head -- in the place of honour beside the bed............


He will stay there -- after all it's the first gift from the lil one -- and a symbol of acceptance into her home -- into her life.


  1. Ahhh, that's such a sweet story. Happy for you for the acceptance from the lil one.

  2. Its such a cute gift! You are one lucky ladt to have lil one in your life.


  3. To gain the trust of a child is a special must be a special person

  4. Anonymous4:29 am

    aww how adorable and sweet.


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