Saturday, January 13, 2018

The Great White North

After two weeks of frigid temperatures and I do mean FRIGID -- we had a spring thaw for the last two days -- by last evening the snow was all but gone -- we had green grass again -- it was raining and mild!!  But the weather man had said it would change over night -- we'd get snow and more snow..... up to 30 cms (about 11 inches) of the white stuff before this latest winter episode is over.

He didn't lie -- this is what I woke up to this morning.......... 

It's almost pretty -- and it's Saturday so we don't have to slog through it to go anywhere....... the lil one is safely ensconced at her mother's and we have no plans .... so all is good.  

Let it snow let it snow let it snow.

Our court date is this Thursday.  Deep down inside I believe it will just be postponed again.  Yet yesterday Sir Steve got a call from CAS (child protection).  They want to come and visit with the lil one and him this week and sort out mother having the supervised visits lifted. 

It got me thinking..... remembering..... is she really ready to take over supervising the lil one??? Because she lives with her mom and dad -- mostly she is supervised. BUT then I remembered this summer at the campground -- with her parents there -- and how often she had no idea where the lil one was (like the day the lil one was down at the beach unsupervised) or the number of times the mother couldn't get the lil one into a shower -- or when there was the nose bleed incident and they sent for Sir Steve to handle it.   No hats on hot sunny days -- no sun block --- she's careless and I hate to say it but an indifferent mom.  

The icing on the cake for me was when Sir Steve phoned her yesterday to tell her about the trip to Emerg ... about the inhaler and the chamber that must be used every 4 hours.  He asked if she knew how to use them -- she said no but not to worry her mother would do it.  Sir Steve tried to explain to her how to do it -- but in my opinion she probably wasn't listening -- cause 'mommy' will do it.  So how can an indifferent mother be given free visits without supervision??? if something goes wrong it is the lil one who will suffer .....this can't be trial and error.... it scares me just a little ya know? 

But for today we have snow to shovel -- and snuggling to do........ supervised visits and court cases can wait till Monday ............


  1. it sounds like she herself hasn't fully grown up - after all she leaves her mother to take care of things that should OUGHT to be responsible for from what I can gather from your post.

    But for now, snuggles. and all the best with the court date and stuff. *hugs*

  2. I know I am late to the party but I agree with your other commenters. It sounds like asthma to me. I had that cough for 2 years as a child. All of my children have asthma too. All do the asthma cough. It can be brought on by allergies. It would be a good thing to have her tested.


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