Monday, January 08, 2018

Cutting the Lines of Communication

We were very busy over the Christmas week - no time for the internet for Facebook or messenger. 

Sir Steve was to drop the lil one off at the mother's last Friday on our way home from Ottawa.  They all knew we were away on a lil holiday.  BUT that has never stopped them..... on the Thursday evening, the Aunt contacted Sir Steve -- questions about getting bike helmets for the lil one before Friday afternoon -- questions about what time we would be arriving - loads of questions!  I was frustrated because geeez ya know -- we were on a lil holiday couldn't it wait??!!!

When we arrived home on the Friday (after dropping the lil one off at mother's)  - Sir Steve went on line and discovered his ex wife had blocked him on Facebook AND messenger.  Messenger was the one and only way they communicated (she doesn't have a cell phone).

I couldn't believe it!!!  WHY in god's name would you block / cut communications completely with the father of your child?? with the man who has temporary full custody??? especially when you want custody of your child...... especially when you are trying to convince the courts / CAS (youth protection) that you are a responsible mother...... why?

AND I'll admit it -- for a couple of days I was worried what they had planned...... were they gonna try to leave the country and go to the Mother's boyfriend in the States.  I know I know totally illogical -- but to cut all communications is a bit drastic..... and skewered ya know?!

Anyway -- Sir Steve went and picked up the lil one last night.... and she is home safe and sound with us.  She was full of talk about grandma going away and mommy is going away again to visit her boyfriend.  We have no information when these trips will happen.  We have to be ready at a moment's notice to keep the lil one with us..... so no making any long range plans for us.    THAT really bugs me ya know -- we have to always be on call --  never once do we have a chance to be spontaneous just in case ya know.  But Mom -- well not so much.

We go to court in 10 days....... supposedly.  (the date's been changed twice already -- never mind the postponement the last time) And yet I don't know what I think the court will be able to do to fix this bloody drama that is a constant ...... a given!

I am so very tired of it all.


  1. i have nothing to say having no experience with anything like this. but i hear the drama in your post and i wish for you that it ends SOONer than later. I'm sure you're all doing the best you can for the lil one but the uncertainty of everything at the moment would kill me. chin up and hang in there. all the best with the court date!

  2. Sending hugs and prayers that all is resolved soon.

  3. Not that I want this to happen, but what IF Mom got full custody of the lil one? Does she expect Sir Steve to then drop everything at her schedule... cause that's not how it works.

    It would only hurt the lil one, but what if he did to her what she does to him. Say no, just drop her off, etc.

    Some people can only think about themselves.


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