Tuesday, January 02, 2018

What a Difference a Year Makes..........

No you are not reading an old blog entry from 2017!  But Sir Steve and I were remembering last year's New Years Eve....... 

I was having dinner with Hands and CG ..... and at midnight (after multiple glasses of wine) I started texting friends to wish them "Happy New Year".  At one point I had 5 texts going -- one of them with Sir Steve (before he was MY Sir Steve) and CG was teasing me not to mix up the texts ......... ya see I was being cheeky with Sir Steve -- getting as close as I could ever get to 'sex-ting'.

It was after midnight and I typed 'well I am going to take you to bed with me now -- and you can talk to me until I fall asleep'.  That didn't happen cause the young 'uns came in from their partying and we all decided to play Cards against Humanity.  After a drunken rambling explanation of how the game worked I said good night to Sir Steve and went to play the game.

I remember as I went to bed later my dreams were full of Sir Steve .... and I couldn't wait for the following Thursday when he had promised to come to Kingston for a little holiday/visit.  How I hoped that we would 'make things happen' this year ......... little did I know.

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