Wednesday, January 31, 2018


So ........... I decided to not be too nostalgic about past play parties and munches etc.

Then the ripple effect started to happen..... 

I was talking to Angelsquest yesterday about this new attitude of mine -- and believe it or not -- Fetlife.  She told me she had taken her account down -- and I realized I haven't been on there in AGES!!  I agreed with her that Fetlife had changed -- but has it changed -- or have the changes in my life made Fetlife less current??? Maybe a bit of both.  I have taken sabbaticals from Fetlife before -- once for about 5 years ....... so I posted a 'so long for now' post over there...... will leave my profile there cause yeah ya never know ........ 

Last evening Sir Steve and I were chatting about how things have changed in the lifestyle......... and how they've stayed the same... reminiscing a bit I guess. 

Then lo and behold he got a message on Fetlife from a couple that are looking for a 'teacher' and maybe friends in the lifestyle....... we talked about it and I suggested he just ask them to define 'teacher'....... cause their definition might be very different from his.

AND I have had a submissive approach me to see if I wanted to go out for coffee with her.


So it would seem the 'lifestyle' is not ready to let go of us.  But we are cautious.  This town we're in has a fairly big swingers group...... and Sir Steve and I don't want or need to share the sex part of our lives.

we are open to friends with the same philosophy on life.......... 

Life changes and takes detours .... but it never stops.



  1. I really like that poster. Life DOES go on.

  2. Maybe just a little bit more social in the lifestyle is good rather than the onslaught of munches etc. It can be overwhelming. This might be the best outcome right now!


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