Friday, January 26, 2018

Sands of Time

Life has a way of slapping you upside the head from time to time.

I have fussed since Sir Steve and I got together about the age difference -- about how much time has passed and how little time we have ....... BUT for the most part I think -- it is human nature to think -- we have forever together... or at least 20 years or so.. 


Last evening I got a phone call from youngest daughter.  I could tell from her "hi Mom" that something was very wrong.  The minute she heard my voice she burst into tears..... and sobbed.  There is nothing worse than being miles away from your child and to hear the pain and fear in the sobs.

I got her to calm down enough to explain what had happened.......... I knew it was pretty serious.............. 
Turns out her mother in law (who lives with them and keeps an eye on the boys and the running of the household while she works) had a stroke.

She had the stroke 3 days ago!  and didn't tell anyone!!  Turns out she woke up and couldn't speak.  Instead of alerting someone (her son was in his office right next to her bedroom) she decided to go back to sleep. 

Two days ago youngest daughter called 'info sante' because her mother in law seemed to be suffering from dementia -- they suggested going to a clinic the next day -- until youngest talked about the blurry vision in the left eye and a headache.  They then said 'hospital' now!

As of last night (they had the test results) the doctors diagnosed a stroke that happened 3 days ago - though she might have had many small ones for the last month or so.   And because she waited 3 days - the damage was irreversible.  The future looks bleak.  BUT they are sending her to the 'super hospital' today to the neuro department to do a more thorough examination.

They all have a long road ahead of them -- and tough decisions to make.

It makes me more determined than ever to squeeze as much life out of each day as I can....... because you do not know what tomorrow brings.........  



  1. Oh im so sorry to hear and yes the pain must be awful not being with her and only hearing her sobs over the fone. Sending healing thoughts to your daughter's MIL!

  2. My mother had a stroke in April and was hospitalized for 4 months. At first she was pretty bad - couldn't speak or move much or feed herself. But gradually she regained her abilities with the aid of therapists. The medical profession can work wonders these days, so do try to stay positive.



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