Monday, November 13, 2017

Play Time

The stars finally aligned this weekend -- and despite my 'sexy' track pants on Friday night we played (hard) on Saturday night.

It started with his hands (dear god I love his hands!) and moved to the crop and the paddle and the quirt -- and knives of course ......

And it hurt !
And I bitched and 'whimpered' and wiggled
I rolled over and Sir Steve simply gave me the 'look' and wiggled a finger and I rolled back over....... 

"Ow" I said.....over and over -- ow ow ow -- fuck ow -- shit ow and there was no pity  
At one point though Sir Steve did lean down and whispered in my ear just after one of my 'ows'  "I do believe you've said that"........ to which the bratty side of me answered "And I'll say it again cause I can! "

Wrong answer !!

O U C H 

A Sadist always gets the last word (grinning)


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