Tuesday, November 07, 2017

From my side.......

Lilac left a comment on 'Not Available' -- I would really like to answer her in depth for a number of reasons ....  

I’m on the other side here in this one. I left my little one in the US. It was heartbreaking and unimaginable but I did.

You know there’s a safety warning before the plane takes off every time. It’s that you have to put the oxygen mask on yourself first . Even before you put it on your own child. You need to survive first in order to save your child or others.

I don’t know in details about this full custody battle. But some mothers leave their children so that their children will have a better life even if it’s without them. I never asked for a child custody. I never will. The best I can do for my little one was putting her in my will as the sole heir. 

 Let me give you a wee bit of history about the exwife

It was commonly known she was looking for a man to take care of her so she never had to work again.
I observed her at munches etc where she seemed to be all about drama (which is why I never got that close to her)
I observed her when she was pregnant and it seemed to me it was all "look at me I am pregnant" (to me more drama -- but that's me)
Then Sir Steve and she were getting married........ and I kinda lost track of them...

Then 2 summers ago I noticed she had changed her profile on Fetlife to single.  I was shocked and sent her a message asking what had happened.  What she wrote back to me didn't make sense -- it certainly didn't describe the Sir Steve I knew.  She described him as abusive and a bully .... I couldn't believe it -- and called her on it.  (Don't forget I had played with him and gotten to know him very well a few years before all this)

Then I heard the long story -- the one where Youth Protection had been called because she didn't take care of the lil one -- because all she did was yell at the lil one - because her only interest was in sitting on the sofa reading /doing cross stitch / playing on the computer.

Ok let's stop there -- that makes her a bad mom -- a not suitable mom.  NOW if she had had any common sense she would have quietly left the home -- left the lil one in the custody of her dad -- admitting she wasn't "Mom" material.  

BUT she didn't.
She proceeded to deny any orders against her from Youth Protection.
She proceeded to play the victim announcing Sir Steve had kicked her out of the house -- poor me attitude.

AND then she decided to go for full custody of the child.  The child she doesn't take care of when she does have her (example -- no baths, no hair brushing no teeth brushing and a whole lot of yelling)  the child she quite happily forgets about when better plans come up

AND then she demanded the court give her spousal support.

AND then she said she wanted joint custody -- though she doesn't even live in the same city as the lil one which would make getting her to school and activities next to impossible.

IF Lilac she was like you -- wanting the best for her child -- she wouldn't be fighting for custody -- wouldn't be making Sir Steve's life a continuing challenge.

But in my less than professional opinion she is a narcissist (as is her mother) -- wanting to hurt and upset anyone who doesn't put her on a pedestal -- anyone challenges her -- 

She only has her interests at heart -- her child is just a prop for her ego -- a money grab -- and a way to hurt Sir Steve.

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  1. It’s horrible that some parents use their child as a money grab. I hope everything will work out well for you and Sir Steve.


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