Saturday, November 04, 2017

Not Available

Last weekend when Sir Steve picked up the lil one and was leaving -- the mother said "I can't have her next weekend I am busy"..... and shut the door.  In just over 2 weeks the mother will be taking her 3rd holiday since May and be gone for 2 1/2 weeks.  

It pisses me off -- for a lot of reasons.  AND it is teaching me about being a step parent and how little control I have -- tough lesson for this old bird to learn.

BUT I do wonder what it teaches the lil one.  She apparently told a parent at the bus stop yesterday that she wasn't going to see 'mommy' this weekend -- she was gonna have fun with Daddy and (insert my name here) and the animals.  I am (honestly I AM) glad she accepts these change of weekend plans without a blip.  It says a lot about Sir Steve's going with the flow -- and hiding his true feelings from the lil one.  

I went looking for meme about dead beat moms -- do you know there are hardly any??!!  one or two only compared to pages and pages of memes about dead beat dads..... someone should fix that!!  Some dads are f**king amazing -- stepping up to the plate all the time -- every time -- and in my opinion they don't get enough credit.

AND ya know what else bugs me.......... even if the court comes through with the final order of full custody for Sir Steve and weekends / holidays for mom -- nothing will change. This selfish - self centered - egotistical bitch will still decide when / if she is taking the lil one.  Our life will still be controlled by her whims.

This is truly a new learning curve for me............


  1. Lil one is so lucky to have Sir Steve as her Daddy and you to support him. I have been dealing with a similar situation for over 6 years and now the my lil one is finally a teenager- SHE has made the decision to no longer go back to "her mothers" house and now Daddy has full custody. It's not even imaginable to me how a "mother" can pick and choose when they want to raise their child or not, but it happens and thank goodness we have the other parent or step parent who are willing to step up -no matter what! Your Lil one will one day see her for who she really is and so continue to take the high road. It will pay off in the end and will make the difference in her life!

  2. I’m on the other side here in this one. I left my little one in the US. It was heartbreaking and unimaginable but I did.

    You know there’s a safety warning before the plane takes off every time. It’s that you have to put the oxygen mask on yourself first . Even before you put it on your own child. You need to survive first in order to save your child or others.

    I don’t know in details about this full custody battle. But some mothers leave their children so that their children will have a better life even if it’s without them. I never asked for a child custody. I never will. The best I can do for my little one was putting her in my will as the sole heir.


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