Friday, November 10, 2017

Andddddddddddd it's FRIDAY!

After the mother trying to get Sir Steve to jump through her hoops ('you have to bring her here by 4 on Friday') Grandmother is picking up from school at 2:30 and we have the whole weekend to ourselves!!

Last night Sir Steve gave me a playful slap on the ass and I said "ohhhhhh yes please!! it's been tooooo long" .  Funny thing he agreed and said that he thought he needed a good session (got some pent up feelings to work off?? - grinning) 

Then joy oh joy -- as life tends to play with our plans -- Sir Steve spent the night on the couch with a tooth ache.  (insert sad face) 

So I have lowered my expectations for the weekend -- found my comfy sweat pants (cause it's damn cold here -- and it SNOWED!) -- and am hoping that the tooth ache tapers off.

BUT whatever will be -- we at least will have the weekend to ourselves 

AND that is a very good thing !

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