Monday, November 06, 2017

Y E S !

After over a month of no sex we finally managed to both feel better on the same night with energy!  

I always forget how amazing sex with Sir Steve is - seriously ..... I remember it makes me feel good BUT the intricate details I forget.....How he slowly - inch by inch - slides into me -- making me catch my breath -- so slowly it drives me crazy -- feeling every ridge every pulsing vein enter me

And then when he's almost all the way in ..... he stops.... I hold my breath and look up at him and he is smirking at me -- teasing me -- feeling my body pulse against him -- feeling me wiggle trying to take all of him - wanting him to start moving... wanting 'it' to start....... 

Then it does start -- and he pounds into me -- hitting my cervix making me gasp and moan -- and call his name -- wanting him to slow down -- but not wanting him to slow down -- wanting more .. faster and harder... never wanting it to end.

And all the time his eyes are fixed on my face -- watching me -- judging how close I am ... and the Sadist comes out to play and as I reach that point -- that glorious point -- he stops ...... H E    S T O P S !! and grins at me as I wiggle and whine and beg...... 

He is a Sadist -- and I love it !!

We are both feeling better -- and that is a very good thing !

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