Thursday, November 02, 2017

Slow Process

As most of you know I started tidying/sorting/changing Sir Steve's house a few months ago.  His exwife removing all her 'stuff' out of the house (no matter how upsetting that was) was the best thing that could have happened.... even Sir Steve admitted that.  It forced him (and me) to move forward - to fill in the blank spaces -- and then to add some finishing touches.

The front hall way was one of the last bits to be done.  There had been this flimsy coat hook thingy that the lil one really couldn't reach to hang up her coats/sweaters and there was no place for adult coats. (they tended to get tossed on a chair in the living room)  And 90% of the pictures in the house were her choosing.  

So I got Sir Steve motivated and we picked new coat hooks for the front hallway -- for both adults and children....... and I convinced him that we could replace the pictures really cheaply by buying some frames that matched the wood work in the house (shelves tables etc) and I could use some photographic magic to produce pictures that clearly represented "US"..... ( fortunately Sir Steve has a love of all things oriental too) 

Yesterday we started adding the finishing touches to the house......... Honestly it feels like a brand new space.......

front hallway

some of the pictures over Sir Steve's chair.... 

And there has been a side effect to all these changes -- to claiming life for ourselves -- Sir Steve hasn't really celebrated Halloween in a few years AND he admitted it has been 4 years since he had any Christmas spirit.

The house looked amazing for Halloween -- and Sir Steve and the lil one laughed together as they cut out a pumpkin and they both went trick or treating.  Now we all get a month to plod along and then Christmas will start. It is time that more than the physical things get renovated and updated... it is time for the joie de vivre to return to this house -- bringing with it laughter and fun and love.

And that is a very good thing!

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