Monday, November 27, 2017

Busy Family Weekend

The weekend actually started on Thursday evening for us... the lil one had a PA day on Friday.

On Friday while 'daddy' was working she and I did some baking -- trying out a new recipe for Christmas (it was soooo good it's a definite addition to the Christmas baking list).  We started Daddy's Christmas present -- and then she did some solo painting.  We had an early dinner and headed downtown for the city's Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony. 

After  some hot chocolate and treats -- a visit with Santa -- and some Christmas caroling we headed home to bed.

Saturday we went to my apartment and dragged the Christmas decorations out to Sir Steve's van - including the tree -- and brought everything home.  We watched Home Alone 2 which the lil one totally loved -- giggling through it.  We did some work on anticipation skills when I would ask -- 'what do you think will happen?" 
The lil one wanted to decorate the house immediately -- but my heart wasn't in it (got some major challenges to face this week ) so we promised her next weekend.  BUT I did weaken a little bit and she and I pulled the snowflakes out and put them in the windows.  She was thrilled with her own package of window snow flakes for her room!!

Sunday was a quiet-ish day.  The Grey Cup Game was scheduled for 6:00 pm and to my surprise the lil one was really looking forward to it.  Sir Steve made some great finger foods for our "Grey Cup Game Party" and we all ate in the living room watching the game.  We all cheered on the 'blue team'.

It wasn't all 'family' time -- Sir Steve and I managed to squeeze in some adult fun Saturday night.  Need I say it was amazing??!!!!

And now it's Monday -- I'm doing the count down to Thursday and fighting major anxiety attacks and tears...... my Sunday Sentiments yesterday was for me mostly -- I wish I could enjoy the peace today and leave the worry for Thursday -- but it's not easy.  Let's just say I could use an early Christmas gift -- so I can find the peace I so want.

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  1. Sounds like a nice weekend. Hope your anxiety about Thursday is down soon.


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