Wednesday, November 22, 2017

I'm a Baddddddd Girl

(first a little update:  Sir Steve and the lil one had a 'behind closed doors' discussion the other evening -- and then at dinner time we had a 'family discussion'.  There is a distinct impression that I am being sabotaged by the other side of the family.  But the discussion has cleared the air (for now) and the lil one had some tears because she didn't mean to hurt my feelings -- and we are working towards creating our 'happy kingdom' again.  We have 3 weeks without mother so things should get back on track for a little while anyway)

Now on to a brighter side ............

We have been having some trouble with the dog barking at every little sound.  It is driving us all crazy!!  On Saturday evening at the family engagement party -- eldest daughter suggested we try spraying the dog with water every time she barks.  
I have been in charge of the spray bottle.... and am thinking I may be winning the war.

Last evening I had used the spray bottle a couple of times with success. I was feeling all puffed and proud.  Sir Steve was sitting half watching TV and half surfing the net.  I have NO idea what possessed me but I lifted the spray bottle and squirted Sir Steve.  As I am unleashing the spray of cold water -- the only thought in my head was 'don't hit his computer'.  

I didn't.

Instead I made a direct hit on his ear!  The look on his face was priceless !!  The look on the dog's face was almost as good.

I am now living in fear for my life.  (grinning) 

Sir Steve is nothing if not patient -- and he has told me I won't see it coming......

The waiting is as bad -- no worse -- than the punishment........ but a little bit fun too (grinning)


  1. Haha! Sounds like he's planning his revenge carefully. When u least expect it! And yes i used to train dogs and the spray bottle really does work!

  2. Glad he took the initiative to talk to the lil one and she was able to apologize for hurting you. Sounds like you had better watch your back after the spray water incident. Lol, too funny.

  3. Kudos about the lil one. It will go a long way.

  4. We use the spray bottle too. Even when the dogs are way beyond the reach of the spray, the sound brings them back into line.

    Watch your back!



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