Monday, July 03, 2017

Whirling Dervish

It really was a 'whirling dervish' sort of weekend.  

Friday I managed to get all the mini cheesecakes made -- got all the laundry done..  got showered -- got packed -- organised the food and was ready to head to the trailer by just after 3pm.

We settled into the trailer for one night -- then Saturday headed off to youngest daughter's house for a swim and barbeque....... Sir Steve's lil one was a bit shy and quiet for all of 5 minutes then my grandsons got her to come play with them..... and that was 'all she wrote' .  The kids did get to go for a swim despite the coolness of the day (the sun coming out just before dinner helped!) 

We had a yummy dinner of Tandori chicken -- 

then  we headed back to  the campgrounds after dark -- so it was straight to bed for the lil one -- and Sir Steve and I weren't long behind her -- though we had plans other than sleep (cheeky grin)

Sunday morning I was up early as I was heading back to Cornwall to meet up with eldest daughter and her boyfriend to show them around the apartment -- then head back to the campgrounds for lunch and the Canada 150 celebrations there.

After the family headed back to Ottawa -- we 3 spent some time just chilling on the deck enjoying the sunshine ( seems to be a rare thing this spring/summer -- sunshine that is!)

This week lil one and I will be hanging around my lil home waiting for the final deliveries -- curtains and table and chairs for the kitchen -- then fingers crossed - the weather will take a turn for the better and summer will actually arrive and we can spend long days and longer nights at the trailer............ AND that would be a very good thing!  (I can use some major quiet time after this move).

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