Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Welcome to my dark side

I wrote not so long ago about a knife scene here on the Journey and over on Fetlife.

I softened the edges and made it more or less suitable for public consumption.  It was all brought back to mind this morning when someone on Fetlife wrote a knife scene that took it to a place even I didn't see coming.  One sentence at the end and the darkness in me sat up and took notice.

It's really difficult to explain (and not scare people) - what a fine line some of us walk in our scenes.  Where the boundaries can get blurred and the mind seeks what the mind seeks - more endorphins - higher highs - the taste for greater pain 

And fortunately 99% of us know when that limit has been reached - and the sane ones amongst us - stop - pull back and let reality shine a small beam of light into the darkness that has become us.

But this writing this morning - didn't stop and let reality shine its small beam - and it was startling and scary and yet still pulled me into the darkness ...... 

Don't ever think that what some of us do is anywhere near safe sane and consensual
And don't ever think for one moment that one can be lax in selecting a partner to play with .......... 

especially when one plays on the Dark Side.

(btw - I do believe that magnificently evil story will be pulled by the "care bears" by mid morning)   

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