Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Post Party part II

Today - just some pics from the party - skip if spankings and nudity isn't your thing (cheeky grin) You've been warned !!

 Two against one doesn't seem fair !!

                  Don't drop the crop game - such fun (NOT)                     

             Bruises keeps the brat under control

A teary contented me
sharing a giggle over the ropes pressing on my jewelry

a very different intensity 
holding a "bitch stick" for MissJ
what an amazing evening it was...




  1. Love love love.

    Teary you is gorgeous!

  2. Oh how lovely. Kaya is right that pic is also my favourite. Love the rope too, wish my Master could tie a knot let alone a beautiful harness. X

  3. I love the last pic of you, holding the bitchstick for MissJ. May not be how you were feeling but I see a real peace & joy in your face there that's beautiful. But all the pics are lovely. Such a huge, positive change in you - and I don't mean physically (although that's wonderful too)!!


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