Saturday, April 23, 2016

Same Old - Same Old

I had a brief discussion yesterday with someone who voiced that Fetlife is really repetitious.  

I smiled because for some it takes longer to get to that realization - I had thought he might take longer - but didn't. I mean how many pics of boobs can you look at? How many cock sucking videos can you watch?? How many flogging videos?? How many words of outrage can you read?? before it all starts to look/sound the same?

That got me to thinking about The Journey........ and I wondered why folks come back day after day to see what I've written. 

I certainly am not writing the great American (or Canadian for that matter) novel.  I am writing a "diary" of sorts of my moments of joy - my moments of sadness - my defeats - my struggles and sometimes even my triumphs.

BUT I think if you had a day or two - and went back to April 28, 2005 and read from the beginning to here you might just see a theme or two repeated.  

BUT then life can be repetitious can't it.  Different Day - same old shit. 

I honestly believe that what happens from conception to death - is on your shoulders... for good or bad.  It's what you DO to make life less repetitious - more of an adventure.  It's what you learn / what difference you make/ who you touch  that makes things - even FetLife - something more than "summer reruns"

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