Friday, April 22, 2016

One More Step Forward

On April 6th I wrote "One More Step Forward"   back then it felt like forever till the party - two whole weeks - so much could happen in that time.  

I have been fussing over what to wear...... such a girlie thing to do (rolling eyes) but you see - none of my favourite corsets fit anymore  -- fuss fuss...
Then I had a light bulb moment.  I remembered a leather halter dress I bought about 8 years  ago........... maybe it would fit???   

So I tried it on - and lo and behold  - it fit fine. (ok ok I still want to lose at least another 10 pounds then I will say it fits GREAT) BUT I thought the neck strap needed the snaps moved -  who could do it?? And again I had another light bulb moment - I have a friend in the community who is very into boot blacking and leather.  I asked and he agreed to alter the dress.

Angel and i went yesterday to visit him and his Mistress.  He was gonna fix my dress -- Angel was going to negotiate with his Mistress for a play time at the party.   I was spoiled - not only did he do a minor adjustment to the neck strap -- but he conditioned the leather and polished it bright and shiny.  (8 years hanging in a cupboard had dulled it and made it wrinkly) 

Angel brought me her knee high leather boots.

I felt a little bit like Cinderella - a wave of a few magic wands and the outfit was pulled together.

So Cinderella is ready to go to the party.... to take one more step forward.  
and yet I have such butterflies.  I wish this Cinderella could have one more wish --

I wish I could be going with my poly partner -  to be able to play with someone who knows my body so well - who makes me feel so comfortable - comfortable in my own skin - but he feels he's not ready for public play ....... and I have to accept that ...... but maybe a seed has been planted and one day................ ?

For now I will pretend I am Cinderella for one night and go with friends to the party .... 


  1. Just don't be like Cinderella and misplace one of those boots....enjoy!

  2. Downunder Dom - You made me laugh!! I better not misplace one as I have to return them to Angel LOL

    but then ya know - maybe my "Prince Charming" will find me (cheeky grin)


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