Saturday, April 09, 2016

Mutual Weirdness

There was a time I worked really REALLY hard to be 'normal' ....... but i am not normal - I am bent and kinky and more than a little weird.

And I really like it when I meet folks who see my weirdness and accept it.

Know what's even better ?? When folks see my weirdness and embrace it!!

I had a discussion this week with The Sadist.  This Sadist is a man who respects my weirdness and my ... what shall I say??.. my reluctance to display my weirdness - especially in public.

So we were discussing this play party I am going to and he said "when is it cause I think it would be best if I don't play with you till it's over - cause I mark you"

I sat staring at the words and all I could think was 'DAMN that's 2 weeks away!' and that's pretty much what I wrote back but I added "do I have to wait that long?"

His response was "Fuck no !"  and my heart soared.  Yeah it's that easy to make me happy - I don't ask for much..... I just need to know you know my weirdness and embrace it (small smile) 

Not everyone gets that I don't need or want for much - I have many 'weirdnesses' - and want to embrace / experience all of them.  I'm not asking for forever - I am asking for now... come embrace my weirdness - share your weirdness with me....... let's laugh and enjoy our weirdnesses together ...... that's all (shrug)

Some like the Sadist really get that .......... and it makes me feel valued and heard - which is such a long long way from where I was........

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