Thursday, April 14, 2016

Older Women/younger men

Since I started "dating" I have had a rule that the male who approaches me can NOT be younger than my children.  It just doesn't feel right - ya know??

and yet they keep showing up in my message box on Fetlife - and I keep 'shooing' them away.

Then yesterday - I think it was - I read a note from a 20something that stated he had a "thing" for older women.  I read it with some interest - curious as to the mind set behind a 20 something wanting a more "mature" woman .......... He talked about being fascinated with "Moms" and I thought 'right he has a kink/fetish for a 'Mommy - lil boy ' relationship.

BUT then he dashed any credibility he had built up with his first few sentences by saying.... "I would fuck her so hard she would think she was 21 again" !!  WTF?

AND at the same time I had been chatting with a 30 something who had just moved to Kingston - and I thought (yeah yeah -- in "morningstar's world") he just wanted some direction in a new city......... 
nah not so much - he eventually got around to his fantasy of fucking an older woman.

At the same time - I was chatting with someone who said "I won't be a pity fuck for any KID" 

All of those factors riled me up a wee bit (cheeky grin)

So I replied to the young 'un's post about his fantasy for a mature woman by saying something to the effect " Do you honestly believe that only a 20 year old can fuck a woman and make her feel 20 again??? REALLY??!!! I would rather have experience than stamina..... and ego"  

Believe me - no pity fucks for this "mature" lady !! 

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  1. Way to go Morningstar...I totally agree with you. It's fully self-service around here but I'd rather have self-service than a pity fuck or a 20 something humper and thumper. ;)

    Hugs and blessings...Cat


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