Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Another test


Ok I admit it - I have a "thing" for tests.  And yeah I know they are mostly a bunch of crap.  BUT ya know every once in a while you take one and it hits the nail on the head - describes you exactly!! 

Well the other day on Fetlife I stumbled across this sexual preference test.  I bookmarked the link and took it yesterday.  I am always honest but tend to be brutally honest when taking these tests - after all no one is actually gonna see what I put down right?? LOL

Here are my results - and I have to say - it nailed me right on!


Beiter Sexuality Preference Indicator Results

Partner orientationSubmissive: You indicated that you are most comfortable with being the submissive partner, which typically means you are waiting for your partner to initiate sexual activity with you to confirm their desire for you.
Arousal methodTouch: You indicated that you are usually aroused through being touched by your partner.
PleasurePhysical: You indicated that you more often experience your sexual pleasure through heightened physical sensations.
Sexual encountersAdventuresome: You indicated that you feel most comfortable in your sexual encounters where there are experiences of variety and creativity.

Open-minded and flexible, easy-going until differences arise in the sexual harmony, responding immediately to re-establish sexual equilibrium to the relationship. Tend to be reserved in the pursuit of their sexual adventures and the experience of their pleasure and satisfaction.

Sexual preference test 


  1. You yup. Seems we are twins separated at birth. Identical to mine :)

  2. grinning - YOU got the same result?! just more proof I guess we WERE separated at birth :)


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