Thursday, April 07, 2016

Just a little news.......

For those of you who have been around here for a while know I was a "budding" amateur photographer.  I dragged that camera and gear almost everywhere I went.  

Then last year happened and honestly the camera got stored away.  OH I took it out for family celebrations and used it as a point and shoot.  But to actually go out looking for interesting shots.. going for the arty farty - it just dried up.  It wasn't in me anymore.

There is a friend in the community who is an amazing photographer - and I mean AMAZING!!  For the first few months after the break up he kept pestering me to go out with him for photo shoots...... But I kept saying it's not in me - not yet .... until he finally stopped asking.

At Easter I took the camera down to Montreal and pointed and shot pictures of the kids and the table and the decorations - cause ya know I'm the family photographer.  At one point I turned and reached for my glass of wine - and there was something - sun glinting off the stem and I picked up my camera and took a shot of it........... and just like that the urge was back........ 

So last week I approached this chap and asked if he would take me out shooting.  I told him after nearly a year I had forgotten most of the stuff I had learned....... and desperately needed a refresher course.  He accepted......... 

So this Sunday we are going out shooting - are you ready for this - at 6 AM!!  gotta get that first light ya know (grinning) THAT I do remember.

and here's the inspiration for this photo shoot


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