Monday, April 11, 2016

Hands on Learning

After more than a year of not really touching my camera - of shutting down the desire to find that elusive shot... I went with a friend and excellent photographer on Sunday for a day of shooting,

The one condition was, I had to be at the door and ready to roll by 6 AM - yeah you heard me right - 6 AM!!  He was gonna show me the beauty of shooting a sunrise.  

and yes I grumbled and whined BUT .. It was worth it..... yeah I admit it - there is something about the colours at sunrise .......  

and then turn around and look at the beauty !! 

We spent the better part of the day out shooting.... I shot over 150 pictures...... and no I am not going to bore you with them all....... a goodly number of them are now to be edited - something else I don't do well and need to learn........ oh I see a few days of frustration ahead of me (grinning) 

But here's a couple of shots that I don't think need editing and that I rather like......

 After miles of walking and climbing over over under fences...... and having a wind burned face..... I came home feeling renewed - found another lil piece of me .. and fitted it right back in 


  1. They are all great shots; especially no. 2 Did you use a filter?

  2. No Downunder Dom - no filter - just my lil Nikkon - basic lens :) I am daring like that - taking full sun shots - did it once a while back - at NOON - but I was in a forest and loved the effect of the sun filtering through the trees... :)

    Thanks for the positive feed back :)


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