Monday, April 04, 2016

The Changes continue - in with the new

Well this was the BIG weekend for me - and for Angel.

Two weeks ago my original clit piercing broke (for those that don't know the back story) and Angel and I went to  Blackstar Piercing    to see if it could be fixed.......... and 24 hours later it was broken again - decision made!

While we were there Angel was looking through the catalogue and announced she wanted to have her nipples pierced.

So I got things organised and Angel and I and another friend went off on Saturday for "Angel's day".

What fun we had!  Angel selected her jewelry - and I convinced Blackstar that the ring he had for me was NOT too big !!!

Angel went first - and I have to admit my knees went weak!!  Honest to god she is much braver than I am - I would NEVER pierce my nipples!!  It was amazing to watch - and of course I had brought my camera and took pictures. 

(remember click on the picture if you want to see the 'big picture')

                              There's the 'virgin' nipple all ready ..... 

 Getting everything prepared ............ 

It's hard to make out but the needle/jewelry is going through....... 

no more a virgin nipple 

AND I got to display them for the final shot!!!
"Full Metal Angel" (direct quote from Angel)

Now mine was not nearly as interesting - no needles involved - just tweezers and a quick push - to force the larger scale jewelry through the small hole...........

goodbye to the old 

push and pull 

in with the new

and yeah baby - BIGGER is better :)

That was the final tie to me the submissive - now it is time to start "exploring" what the new me looks like - feels like and the heights she can climb to............ 


And just a side note here 

Our other friend is a nurse - and she was very intent on checking out the cleanliness and at the end she told Blackstar how impressed she was - even small details that a lay person wouldn't notice like cross contamination didn't happen.........

Anyone in the Kingston area looking for an excellent piercer I highly recommend Blackstar  

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  1. Wonderful, I love them. I have both nipples and clitoral hood pierced and am so happy I took that plunge. I love your clit ring so much - I need something like that!


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