Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Mental Connection

I don't like "mind fucks" they really screw around with my stability and my confidence.  
BUT there's a big difference between a "mind fuck" and "fucking my brain".  Someone said that to me this past week -- they said "the sexiest part of you is your brain - one must fuck my brain before they fuck my body".

We all know - or should know - the brain is the best sex organ.  And I don't mean just whispering what they want / will do to me ........ NO make me think - challenge me - hold my interest with conversation and my body (more than likely) will turn to putty in your hands,.

On this dating journey I am on - it is so easy to whittle down the ones that even have a chance!  The ones that do - do not send me emails saying how much they want to fuck me - delete delete delete,  They are not the ones who say "I am Master and you are my slave" delete delete delete.  They are not the ones who say our kinks match we should meet - delete delete delete.

No the ones who catch my attention and hold it - are the ones who make me think - who challenge the way I look at things - the ones who want to know WHO I am behind all the different masks I wear .............. those are the ones that I reply to - that I test the waters with....... can you fuck my brain before you get near my body???

And after you have caught my interest - you have to keep fucking my brain - it's not a one shot deal you know.   Don't think you are gonna fuck my body - and then just leave till the next time - fuck and leave - fuck and leave - wash rinse repeat! 

Find some time to talk with me .. find some time to laugh with me .... find some time to get to know me better (that can take a life time - cheeky grin) and for god's sakes open up and let me know you better. 

I honestly don't care how big your cock is - how skilled you are at fucking - how good you are with a flogger - it's how you value the woman that is talking to you - before and after - that makes me want you - that makes me want to learn how good you are at those things you brag about.

We say continually that trust and communication are important (main) values to "what it is we do" BUT I say "value the person first" and then add the trust and the communication,.... cause if I don't feel valued then my soul will wither and die with you.

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