Monday, April 25, 2016

Post Party

Well I feel I can safely say there was a lot of personal growth on Saturday night.... 

I am extremely lucky to have two very special people who have hung in there for over a year with me - gently encouraging me to get my ass (literally and figuratively) out there into public play again.

I was SO damn nervous when they finally picked me up on Saturday afternoon - not wanting to feel like a "pity beat" - feeling out of place - third wheel sort of feeling.  BUT they went out of their way to make sure I felt included - and that I was their bottom for the evening!!

The potluck dinner and social time was probably the hardest for me.... so many new people - my shyness just descended with a vengeance.   Thankfully Angel was there to lean on when I needed it... but I did my very best to mix a little bit  -- and to eat some food.  

Then it just sort of flowed you know.... we all went downstairs and one minute I was watching a scene - and grinning and the next minute I was "instructed" to stand and hold the cross while they got the toys and got organised.

Nerves made me brattier than usual - and yeah I paid the price!!  BUT once I settled down - and He made me understand that they would not tolerate any more brattiness - the play on the cross went well.  

With my permission they took some pictures and I hope to get them soon so I can share a little of my "pleasure".   It has been a long time since I played with two pretty damn good 'sadists' at once..... so there was a lot of pleasure ....... 

At the end - my anxiety / emotions just overflowed and I landed up in tears... and had a lot of reassuring to do that they were indeed happy tears....... 

We rested for a bit - and I socialized with some friends - going back to the couple a few times for hugs and strokes - and just plain reassurance all round. 

Then she started talking about rope.. and asked if I liked it.  I hesitated.  Rope was something I endured to make W happy - I can't say I ever totally enjoyed it.  She is a rope person and agreed to show me a totally different style of rope.. sensual rope.

I have no idea how long the rope scene went on..... it felt like forever.  And it was amazing!  She had a full appreciation for my piercing and made sure the ropes were intricately balanced over it... so that with each tug of the rope - each wrapping - every little movement of my body brought pressure to bear on the jewelry.  

Then there was a couple of stingy hits with a carbon stick - a true "bitch stick" and she asked if i was prepared to have the ropes removed.

AND dear god!  talk about torment!  IF I thought the ropes going on caused me blessed tension - the taking off was so much more!!!  I honestly have no words to describe the sliding - the rough and soft - the goosebumps that formed on my flesh.  

There is something about being cuffed to a cross - and then bound in ropes - so NOT in control of anything - that is hot for me....relaxing and reassuring all at the same time.

There were more snuggles and more hugs and kisses - and then they bundled me in the car and brought me safely home.  A happy spacey bottom glowing from within,

And so another hurdle from my past has been knocked aside - another small step towards being whole again.  

I am SO blessed to have so many friends to aide in my healing process.

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  1. You made me smile inside and out. I'm so glad you have friends to keep you moving forward into a good space. You are a real inspiration to me. Thank you once again.


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