Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Photowalk Part 3 - the Finale

Finally I made it to the middle part of the map........numbers 4 - 8.  No one actually made it to #9 on the far right hand side of the map - due to the fact that we ran out of time.

I had never been to RMC - and it certainly has beautiful grounds.  Everyone was busy shooting the Entry Archway - the plane - the bomb?? (I think it was a bomb - but what do I know??!!)  I went looking for the beauty in this military academy............

And found it in these pictures..............
This little cottage was just beside the Entry Arch and appealed to me so much more 

the pathways by the water were lovely especially with some of the trees changing colour and along these pathways I shot most of my shots...........


in reviewing my shots I realized that I had a whole slew of pictures that I could call "Peek a Boo" pictures...........

 and lastly because  truthfully I figured how could I come all the way to RMC and not take at least one "touristy" shot of the Arch - I shot this as we were all leaving and heading back over the bridge to lunch..........



  1. Love the peek-a-boo shots. I think anyone can shoot a house or archway, but the real magic is seeing a theme or a contrast or an image in an image.
    More photos please!!!!!

  2. Anonymous9:04 pm

    As always your photos are stunning. i adore the one of the staircase and the peek a boo shot of the lantern/street light.


  3. Anonymous2:27 am

    Great shots all the way through the three parts. You have a good eye and do not take the "standard" picture. I like the way you avoided all the usual places and found interesting subjects such as the building inside the gate and the peek-a-boo opportunities.


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