Friday, October 24, 2014

A Day in the life of a Slave

We had fun visiting with drakor while he was here (we put him on the bus home yesterday evening)

 We kept him busy on Wednesday cleaning the house and preparing for dinner.

I went off to yoga and W supervised his work..............

from cleaning the bathroom which earned him a spanking from W as he missed bits......

to washing windows.......

he was allowed to get cleaned up to serve dinner...

I had picked out a nice black apron (more formal I thought than white frilly ones) and a pair of nice lil black undies.  The undies kept slipping down which had Lady Rose in stitches and added a nice touch of unplanned humiliation for drakor.

Then I had thought about what we might do after dinner to amuse Lady Rose (our guest).  I don't have a dom bone in my body but drakor says I don't need one - I am just plain evil.

I brought out clothes pins and suggested a contest between Lady Rose and myself........ who could decorate drakor's penis and balls with the most clothes pegs.

I selected halloween themed pegs but only managed to get 43 on................

Lady Rose decided to go for quantity not quality and used the wee small plastic ones.  She succeeded in placing 64 pegs and was declared the winner!! 

Truthfully I think in the final analysis, drakor was the winner ............ he sent me an email last evening after he arrived home and said the bus ride home was more enjoyable than the ride to Kingston - as his cock and balls would tingle and twitch every so often.

It was fun having drakor here with us........ and he says he might try and get back here before Christmas for another visit 

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