Wednesday, October 29, 2014


 For the last two years W and I have said we wanted to go to "Pumpkin Inferno".  Basically it is a HUGE display of professionally cut/decorated pumpkins displayed at Upper Canada Village (an historical restored village from the 1800's) 

The only problem is the village and therefore the Pumpkin display is approximately 1 1/2 hours from home...which is a 3 hour return trip.......... to see pumpkins??!!

Well on Sunday coming home from Montreal we virtually drove right past it.  W suggested we drop in and see it.... so we did.

I was quite excited to see it - and for an excuse to try out my new fancy dancy flash!!  The gates opened at 6:30 and we were there on the button.  Honestly it was easy to forget that every single display was created from pumpkins - carved separately then pieced together to make one LARGE - sometimes life size - display.

I was busy snapping everything I saw with my new fancy dancy flash - completely forgetting the warning in the instructions that the flash burns out batteries F.A.S.T.  
Well they weren't lying!!  I think the batteries died about 1/8 of the way through (of course I had practiced with it at my daughter's - but hey!!  I didn`t know they meant THAT fast)

So the quality of some of the pictures I am about to share with you could be a whole lot better - lesson learned - always keep spare batteries in the camera bag!!

I hope you enjoy `Pumpkin Inferno`

These were the path markers
swans on the lake
a butterfly from the bug garden
a choir of pumpkins - lights synchronized to the music
one tiger made from god only knows how many pumpkins
almost life size car
 this one needs no introduction

it really was hard to remember each character was carved built from multiple pumpkins

in the stables some horses of course!!!

and truthfully what can be spookier than a church in amongst all the creatures?

I am glad we saw the Pumpkin Inferno - would I go again ??? Probably not.

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