Tuesday, October 14, 2014

PhotoWalk Part 2

The one thing when you go out with a group is everyone seems to take the same photos.  I am - always have been - the odd ball.  I do not want to do what every one else is doing........ I call it my "arty farty" side but it's more the non-conformist in me I think........

In this case I didn't take the familiar landmarks or landscape shots I went for the little forgotten bits.........

Also I should add I do not edit my pictures - no photoshopping - no punching up colours - or making the sky more dramatic..... what I see - what my camera sees - is what I post.

Kingston (for those of you who may not know) is known as the 'Limestone City' because it is built on limestone and most of the buildings are made from limestone....
One of the first office buildings we passed had this sign in their window.........

It actually said Limestone Mortgage Company - but I only needed/wanted the first word to describe our photowalk (well describe to me anyway)

When we were at the ferry pier everyone else was busy taking photos of the ferry and the bridge in the distance I was busy shooting these..............



and as we walked over to the Royal Military College (RMC for short) I was busy shooting contrasts (colours against the blue sky - the threatening sky - the horizon for as far as the eye could see)................

if you haven't  noticed by now Saturday was sunny with cloudy periods......... I loved the sharp contrast between the cloudy periods and the sunny periods... I am not sure I have ever appreciated the stark differences before ........... photography is teaching me to see the world around me differently....to appreciate it differently.

Tomorrow I will post pictures of our visit to RMC - which for those of you still referring to my map -  is basically in the middle of the map numbers 4 - 8.... our final destination so to speak.


  1. I loved the pink feathery thing; brilliant contrast (and i'm with you) not your normal landscape shot in a wharf area. The slightly quirky shots are always the best

  2. Ordalie2:32 am

    The sixth photo reminds me of the time you had a photo blog and you took pictures of roofs. BTW does that blog still exist?
    And I love the last but one. Now as a wallpaper on my PC.
    What's that pink feathery thing?

  3. Oradlie

    the pink feather thing is just that a pink feathery thing - haven't a clue what it was in a former life :)

    and no I don't still have the photo blog - virtually no one went to it... so I moved the photos I want to display here - captive audience and all that :)


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