Thursday, October 30, 2014

Just around the corner

Winter - that is.  Just around the corner is lurking snow and freezing cold temperatures and ice and more snow ............(can you hear me grumbling?)

I have been wondering how much enthusiasm I will have in the depths of winter to pull on a winter coat - hat - mitts - clean the car off and make my way through snowy mornings to the gym.  (to be truthful - very little enthusiasm!!)

Then yesterday W sent me (and drakor) an email - subject line "Winter Sports"  (le sigh)  Couldn't wait to see what HE was talking about........ 

I shouldn't have been surprised when I opened the email to find a link to this.........

The actual website is called "EroProfile" - go check it out..... you know you wanna !!!
I picked the tamest of the pictures............ cause... ummm.... cause?? I don't know why!!  hell could it be that this "tough ole bird" is shy about sharing nude pics???

Anyone wanna place bets that this winter I may be a "snow angel"??? LOL yeah go on place a bet.......... I bet you lose!!

But I will enjoy snuggling up in front of a warm fire perving pictures such as these.......  


  1. BBbrrrrr.

    I live in the desert for a reason :)

  2. Go ahead, bet you should win if you bet she IS going to be a snow angel....



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