Monday, October 27, 2014

Party Time

Saturday was my birthday..........and after a rather slow start (everyone kinda forgot it.. until late in the afternoon) I had an amazing birthday weekend,

First off W gave me a brand spanking new flash for my camera!!  I love it!!  but dear god I ran through the battery power in no time flat (see my sad face??)  

On Sunday we headed to Montreal to celebrate with the grandkids,  Pumpkin carving was on the list of 'party games'  

I had great fun shooting the kids getting all slimy from the guts ........ and their new kitten's reaction to all this excitement. 

"hey what's going on?? why didn't someone call me??"

" ewwwwww ...........this is just gross!!!!  ewwwwww I think I threw up in my mouth"

"what is THIS??? can I play in it??"

slimy fingers

my artistic daughter free hand sketching the pattern........

The finished product - cat by middle grandson - spider by youngest grandson

Reaction of 4 year old to the finished product!!

There's more to my weekend celebration - but that can and will wait for tomorrow.....

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