Monday, October 13, 2014

Busy Weekend

Actually TOO busy a weekend........

After Saturday's Photowalk, on Sunday we had friends over to celebrate Thanksgiving (yup - Thanksgiving comes in October in Canada)

I made turkey with all the trimmings.............

and being me the table had to have some touches of the arty farty side of me.....and of course photos to satisfy the arty farty me.........

 A glass of wine - a late bedtime - and today finds me weepy - missing stuff that will never be again - and just feeling drained 

I promise tomorrow I will be myself again - and will post more photos from the "walk". 



  1. I am VERY proud of you for all you have done this weekend, from your photo walk ( would guess 5kms ) to a GREAT Thanksgiving Day dinner and hostess....

    I am SO VERY sorry that I have caused some of your sadness on this weekend.

    Try knot to cry weep too much. you don't need that..

    Again, I am VERY proud of what you have done this weekend....


  2. Ordalie2:42 am

    Looking at the table and watering at the mouth.


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