Friday, October 03, 2014

Out of My Comfort Zone

First off today - I feel I owe you all some pictures.  I promised to post pictures from the birthday party last weekend....... BUT .... for some reason this year I wasn't that comfortable posting pics of the grandkids (no matter how cute they are)

BUT this week I was a little under the weather and W came home one afternoon with a huge bouquet of sunflowers to brighten me up.... compromise time folks - here are some of the pictures I took of the flowers (as always - you can click on the picture to see a larger more defined shot)


Now for the "out of my comfort zone news"....

Next Saturday - Oct 11th - Kingston is participating in a World Wide Photo Walk.  There are over 1400 cities around the world participating with over 1700 photographers. I took a deep breath and sent in my application.  I am now officially registered to participate in Kingston's walk.

I am hoping I won't be the only truly amateur photographer out there - and hope that the more experienced - professional - photographers will accept me and maybe even give me some hints.  Either way - I am committed to do this....... and have to admit I am getting just a little excited about it ................Hopefully I will come back with some photos worth sharing on here

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  1. Sapphire Rose11:46 pm

    Lurker and long time reader here...

    I just wanted to let you know that I think your pictures are amazing! It's something with your angles - I'm not really sure what it is about them. The angles you choose are always just so pretty! I love your use of focus in some parts that leave other spots fuzzy.

    See like in the first picture of the sunflowers, a lot of people would have centered on the forward facing one, but you centered on the angled one facing up. The closeup has the center of the flower as an amazing blend of clear focused sections and blurry sections. The petal picture has a nice use of light/shadow. The last picture...again with a really creative angle selection.


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