Thursday, October 02, 2014

New Friend

W has made a new friend.

A new Dom friend.

As far as I can tell they are both playing nice.

Well that is until yesterday, when W convinced me to go shopping with them.  
(yeah I know - two men going shopping - sounds just wrong doesn't it??)

So I went.

They bickered and argued - and new friend kept repeating himself like a patient with dementia.  


he kept touching me - (not THERE!)  my arm my shoulder anything - I guess to get my attention....... maybe to make me feel included??? I was about ready to do my best imitation of a rabid dog and bite his hand

At the store (they were looking at new computers) the new friend wanted service - wanted it NOW - and despite W's warning and my yelping "don't pull that cord" he yanked the security cord out of the computer and set off the alarms.  I announced to the clerk - "I don't know them!" New friend announced "well I got service fast didn't I??"

I left them to go through the cash and waited far away from them.
(not that I was embarassed - nope - wanted to avoid more unwanted touching and more long winded repeated stories ...and yeah ok - and avoid anymore embarrassing moments)

When we got back to his apartment he insisted we come up.. it was almost dinner time.

We went up

W supervised his attempts at d/ling the last file off the old computer onto a memory stick.  I surveyed the apartment.  (enough said about that!)

New friend insisted I explore his toy box .............. it took me 30 seconds of looking at dildos and vibrators and various other used sex toys.  He seemed disappointed I didn't spend longer......... 

New friend draped his arm around my shoulders and wouldn't let go........ I looked at W who was trying very hard not to laugh.

Finally I got the point across it was time to leave.

I had nightmares all night.


W has a new friend.

now before anyone starts commenting - please know this was written mostly tongue in cheek.  AND W has promised to warn new friend it's not nice to touch other people's property.............. 

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  1. Ordalie3:40 am

    He got service fast, thank you for giving us this tip! I'm sick and tired of sales clerks flitting from place to place like blind and deaf zombis.
    Something similar I've just read on a post about a rider on a race track:
    "From time to time over the two days she could be seen pushing the bike from place to place. Reminded me of working on a building site and disguising the fact that I had no work to do by endlessly walking around carrying something—anything."


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