Saturday, September 08, 2012

peeking in..............

Guess where I am ??? sitting in Tim Horton's using their WIFI.  (I was having internet withdrawals) 

We're having so much fun!!!  Yes yes we've been emptying boxes - sort of - the kitchen doesn't have enough cupboards (see me pout) BUT W has promised kitchen remodeling  is second on the list of "must do's" (see me smile)

We've just been shopping - and bought 2 Japanese screens - a tv stand - a room divider - bathroom stuff (shower curtain, bath mat etc) and once I am finished feeding my internet craving - we are back to the house and more unpacking and organising.

I do love our little home - and when I was driving up - as the car peaked the hill that overlooks Kingston - I had this overwhelming feeling of "coming home"

"God's in his heaven - all's right with the world "


  1. I had this overwhelming feeling of "coming home"

    ... I love that feeling!
    Have fun with the unpacking and organizing! =)

  2. you have made me smile...
    I'm glad for you.

    hugs, swan


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