Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Moving Day Part II

Well after a couple of days of rest and good food - long talks and some lovin' ........... W loaded up the car this morning with all sorts of bits and pieces (even putting some in the trunk of my car!! - I am beginning to wonder what the movers did take!!) and headed on down the 401 to Kingston.

I miss him already.

BUT I have booked off work on Friday - and my plan is to head out Thursday after work and spend the weekend with W - unpacking boxes - putting furniture together - and washing cupboards.... and just making damn sure he is ok.  I can NOT go through another day like last Friday........

Just three days of being apart  this week.............

 I am hoping it will get easier....


and I heard last night that the people who came through my lil home last week are coming back for a second visit this morning at 10:30 ............. 

i am of two minds about this second visit - IF it sells what a relief !!!  BUT IF it sells then I have a few weeks to pack up this house and get everything shipped down the highway to W - to add to his mess ............... oh my dear god !!!  AND get myself moved into eldest daughter's house until June.............

am I totally crazy??!!


  1. Totally? Define totally. :-)

  2. @Buffalo - BITE ME!!!

  3. I'd say you are affirmatively crazy... Is crazy necessarily a BAD thing?

    hugs, swan

  4. Oh yeah, you ARE TOTALLY CRAZY!

    But I happen to ADORE crazy! ;D


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