Monday, September 17, 2012

Back and forth

Friday's drive to Kingston was a complete nightmare - thunder storms - sheeting rain - darkness - and road construction all made for a 4 hour drive!!  But once I saw W and got a hug - I felt safe and home.................. 

Saturday was a busy day - from unpacking the bedding and getting the masters bed made up

to shopping for some storage for my quiet room and adding some little touches I brought from here...

ohhhhhhhhhh and W surprised me by having made up the table I picked out for the house.....

Sunday morning we went for a little walk............. and then it was time for me to head home again.  Another rough drive............. I don't know why but my eyes felt so heavy !!  I didn't feel sleepy - it was just my eyes were heavy and I so wanted to close them.  So I stopped a couple of times and just walked around in the fresh air ... and then pushed on.. arriving home in time to get my laundry done for another week of work.


  1. I HATE this driving and need to win an Ontario Lotto so I can have you use VIA#1 to and from here..

    I am so worried about this traveling!!


  2. Four hour commute sounds excessive. Traffic must have been a bitch. You need a helicopter - or a transporter a la Star Trek.

  3. Welcome to my hell .....
    my drive up that way is anywhere between 5-6 hours ... depending on border traffic.

    It does get better ... and you DO have an end in sight!
    Must focus on THAT!


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