Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Just Buzzin' by

So much to touch on - so little time........... 

W made it to Kingston safe and sound yesterday - and wrote me last evening to say "you Me and Miss Ashes are the proud owners of a new home in Kingston" 

I had complained to North American Van Lines (the company that owns W's mover) on face book - and believe it or not had a request for more information from them this morning so they can "investigate".  

I can only assume my agent brought the visitors through yesterday as I haven't heard a word from her - despite her promise to contact me - I even emailed and have heard nothing......... (I am getting a wee bit tired of service people not living up to their promises)

We had an election here in Quebec yesterday - and all anglos greatest fear came true - the PQ (or the separatist party - for those of you not in the know) were elected.  Mind you.... they only have a minority government - which probably means nothing will get done in the next 4 years  - but still it will cause (initially) some mass hysteria among Anglo Quebecers - and make selling one's house that more difficult.  Though we did make history with this election - and elected the first ever woman Premier -  it would have been nice if her politics were even a little bit close to mine - but c'est la vie.

Oh yeah and on a final note - I am still missing two full time employees at school - and not much hope on that front either.

This is the type of day / news that could lead me to drink.............


  1. Ordalie11:23 pm

    "t will cause (initially) some mass hysteria among Anglo Quebecers - and make selling one's house that more difficult."
    Do you actually expect some sort of stampede out of the country? ;)

  2. @ordalie - first off Quebec is a province within a country - The PQ's aim is to make Quebec a country.

    And yes there is a strong possibility of another mass exit - in the 70's whole companies packed up and moved out - taking their employees with them.

    BUT it is a minority PQ government so hopefully things won't be quite so drastic


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