Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Deadline looming

The week of Sept 30th is looming closer - that's the magic date when I have to have all the heads counted - all the i's dotted and t's crossed.  (at school I mean)

I have about 75 families who haven't yet "registered" - oh their kids are coming to school every day - their kids are participating - but the families don't / won't / can't fill in the forms necessary.  Yesterday I started the job of going through all the unregistered kids - printing up (again - for the 2nd time) registration forms for the families.  30 years of experience has taught me I probably won't see signed registration forms for these kiddies......... experience has taught me there is very little I can do. 

I am also trying to run a program - get my staff on board - get my staff focused - BUT - the postings came out last week - and about 10% of my staff have applied for jobs with more hours in other schools........... and it is like they have stopped working for me.  (Hope springs eternal)   The postings will be done by this Friday - and we'll all know who's working for whom come Friday ( for the record I could be short 4 employees IF they all get a posted job - and if they all get a posted job in another school - see me doing the happy dance?? NOT - cause that will leave me short and the Board will shrug their shoulders and say something to the effect of " too bad - so sad" )

My magic date of June 30th really can't come soon enough - I have had enough of this bureaucratic mad house.


  1. If the parents deign not to fill out the paperwork and deadline passes, simply toss their kids out the door.

  2. Oh my god…….. your comment sounded so much like W!!!!
    if only it were that simple - toss the kids out - wont ever happen…
    AND why should we punish the kids for the parents ignorance???

  3. Give ALL the names of the missing parents to the School Board office supervisors to handle.

    When they say it isn't their jobs then tell them fine, the kids will not be allowed to join in and will just go and still in the gym until the parents sign up. This way you have done your job and yet the kids are still in school as the law says you must!!


  4. Ordalie11:18 pm

    "why should we punish the kids for the parents ignorance???"
    You can't very well call that ignorance, can you?
    Would the kids be punished? The parents surely would! Who would babysit then?


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