Wednesday, September 26, 2012


I don't much care if you believe in horoscopes or not...... I mostly do - remember I am the girl who was raised by a superstitious tea leaf reading grandmother - AND - believe in feng shui.
Today's horoscope pretty much explains where I am at right now...........  

Wednesday, September 26, 2012
You have been on a roller coaster ride recently with your emotions swinging one way and then the other. Although today is likely on the upswing, optimism could make you uneasy because you're not ready to trust the positive feelings. If you feel like there's something else coming around the next corner, you're probably right. Be patient; your life is in flux and the alternating currents have not played out quite yet.


  1. Horoscopes are all different, so you would have to read all of them to get a true clear reading for your day.

    Here is another one for you to read:
    Daily Overview

    September 26, 2012

    " Your urge to redecorate is strong, and almost impossible to resist. That could lead to problems if you don't live alone, but your style should help you win any arguments that pop up. "

    See a totally different one, oh and I honestly didn't pick this one honestly...

    But I do enjoy reading them...


  2. LOL - you sure you didn't write that one JUST for me???? urges to redecorate - causing problems if i don't live alone???? you sure???


  3. when ISN'T life in flux?! lol

  4. Ordalie12:52 pm

    I was hoping for another post after Wednesday, snif!


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