Monday, September 03, 2012

Hell Day

Friday was moving day for W.............. at least the first stage of his move.  The movers were to come in in the morning and pack up his stuff - load the truck - and move 'em on out.  Then around lunch time 1-800 Got Junk was to come in and empty the rest of the stuff out of the house to recycle - reuse or straight to the dump.

That was the plan.  It sounded good - in theory. 

Except the movers didn't show up in the morning........I sent W a cheeky email (when I heard they hadn't showed) something to the effect of - "what fun - let's hope Got Junk doesn't get all the boxes for the movers and vice versa (ok ok I thought it was funny at the time).  

By 3 p.m. the movers still hadn't showed up.  

They arrived shortly after 3 and then W had to direct the Got Junk guys and the movers and try and keep it straight which boxes / furniture belonged to which crew!!  such fun!!

Amidst all that confusion/commotion - neighbours and friends kept dropping by to say good bye.  

I was at work - trying to focus on not losing kids - but my mind was with W - fussing and worrying and wishing I was with him.............. 

In my warped mind - W would arrive here sometime after 6 ............. I kinda figured around 8 - so I waited supper -  and waited  and waited.

Just after 8 I sent him a text message saying "I'm thinking of you" ............ 

At 8:30 I had some toast for dinner and tried to concentrate on the football game I was watching and not on the clock

By 9:30 I was getting a little frantic.  Not a word from him since mid morning.  

By 10:00 I sent another text message saying "I am starting to worry - can i call you" 

I held my breath and waited.............. 

longest 15 minutes of my life.  But the phone finally rang and W's voice said "I'm leaving now".  I finally exhaled.

W got to me around 11...........He looked like crap - filthy dirty - tired - and (putting it mildly) strung out. We talked (well he did) until midnight.  Then I convinced him to have a nice long hot bath and come to bed.

The one thing that stands out in my mind and probably always will - was that the movers refused - REFUSED - to move a sofa bed from the basement!!!  Can you believe that???   And they wouldn't move the train table in one piece - and it had to be cut in half!!!  And they broke the new addition to the layout........... and didn't wrap up the tunnel I made.... and just basically threw it all on the truck.

Oh when this is all over and W is settled into the house in Kingston - the movers are in SUCH hot water........... never mind the fact that I won't be using them - and I will make sure that I spread the word of the poor service and attitude to anyone who will listen (starting with this blog - cheeky grin)

When W leaves here on Tuesday morning (at the crack of dawn) for the second leg of this move - I am hoping he will be rested and fed and ready to face whatever the hell comes next.

God I love this man - who is turning his life/world upside down to give my dream of living in Kingston when I retire !!!


  1. I don't see why you have to wait. There should be a plethora of sites on which you can express your justified opinion of the mover.

    That sort of thing isn't acceptable.

  2. Yeah. What Buffalo said.



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